As the temperatures outside are low, winter pests like to make use of our habitat to keep warm and feed. Mice, Rats and Squirrels are some of the most common call outs we receive at this time of year.

With nice damp ground to work Moles are enjoying lots to eat so may well be making a few hills in gardens, parks, playing fields and farm land.


With temperatures beginning to rise and the longer days, insects will start emerging from their winter hibernation. You may see more creatures like Ants and even Cockroaches. (Note – cockroaches are something to look for inside our homes and businesses during all the seasons due to heating in buildings that helps them survive through the colder months).

Birds will start to find and make use of places for safe nest building so if you have concerns from previous years or find evidence of old nests be sure to have proofing in place before your property is made use of. Once a bird has begun the nesting process, nothing can be done legally (and ethically) until the baby birds have flown away.

Clothes Moths also increase at this time of year so keep an eye out for holes in natural fibre carpets and clothes.

On sunnier days you may notice flies trapped behind your windows or enjoying the sunshine on the side of your property. These may be Cluster Flies that will have been using your warm building has a place to sleep through the colder days. An acute homing instinct means they will return as the weather starts to turn colder later in the year so look to book us in to fumigate your loft spaces.


Birds, Moths and some Beetles are the main culprits this month!

Mice and Rats remain common pests (and should be monitored all year round).

Queen wasps may start to appear, so be on the look out of the beginnings of nests in our lofts, sheds and particularly around roof areas.


Much the same as the previous month but with an increase in wasp numbers if the issue has not been dealt with.


Insects will be the main pests to be aware of now, with Ants and Wasps really making their presence known and Fleas and Bed Bugs flourishing in the warmer temperatures.

House flies may increase in numbers so get pro active with the cleaning up of waste food and rubbish.


This is the time that being extra conscientious with your rubbish and waste will help to keep Wasps, Ants and Fly numbers down around your property. They can be very active at this time in searching for a free feed.

Rodents are still around but may not be quite so intrusive in their attempts to access your property, however, they will also take advantage of rubbish and waste left lying around.


Wasps, Ants, Cockroaches and Flies are all still loving the summer months and rodents will still take advantage of any bad waste management.

Moths can still be a problem at this time so be aware.


Wasps and other little insects will still be prevalent, and untreated wasp nests very large! Fleas and Carpet beetles begin really increasing in numbers.

Spider season begins this month!

Depending on how wet or dry the summer has been Moles may be poking their noses through the ground again,


Spider numbers will increase this month as they come indoors to breed.

Depending on the temperatures Wasps can still be an issue all through October although generally insect numbers start to decrease.

Our rodent friends may start to look for warmer accommodation with onsite catering so try and get your proofing done before they find the weaknesses in your property.


Call outs for Rats and Mice issues start to increase at this time of year and birds may try to take shelter in handy places in buildings.

Moles are busy making tunnels and changing a tidy garden in to a mole-hill monstrosity!

Spiders will still be very active but most UK spiders are not venomous so don’t pose a problem.


Mice, Rats and Squirrels are very active now and will take any opportunity to find their way into a warm home with access to food. Taking into account the fire and flood risk they create through chewed wires and pipework, not to mention the diseases they spread it is obviously best to try and deal with an infestation as quickly as possible.

As you can see every month brings a different pest but a lot of our common pests here in the UK can be a problem all year round. If you are unsure as too what your pest may be, call your local pest controller today for some sound free advice.

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