Traditional Pest Control

What is traditional pest control?

Pest control has traditionally relied on shooting, trapping, netting, ferreting and the use of dogs to catch a variety of pest species. It often requires a great deal of skill and local knowledge from the practitioner to be effective. The 20th century unfortunately saw the loss of many of these traditional techniques replaced by the use of modern chemicals in agriculture and pest management.

However, due to changes in the law and to public demand LANDGUARD is at the forefront of the revival of highly effective and environmentally friendly traditional pest control.

From Martin Currie LANDGUARD’s director –

“My journey into traditional pest control goes back over thirty years to my childhood in Wharfedale where local farmers, gamekeepers and my father began to teach me the ways of the countryside. Holidays spent farming and with my uncle, Master of three Lakeland packs of foxhounds, further fuelled my interest. Having left school, I trained at Newton Rigg (Cumbria) in Game and Wildlife Management and went on to gain a degree from Sparsholt in Hampshire to further my knowledge of the countryside. During a 20+ year career I have been a gamekeeper, riverkeeper, farm manager and ghillie all the way from Kent to the Outer Hebrides. Along the way I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the UKs finest countrymen picking up a huge range of skills and experience. In addition to a National Diploma and Degree I hold firearm certification, deer management and various other vocational qualifications.”

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So, what place do traditional skills have in modern pest management?

An important one! In fact, stricter legislation and the loss of certain chemicals have seen a greater reliance placed on traditional pest control. It’s popular with our customers as it usually means no harmful pesticides at all are introduced to the local environment. Techniques can also be very selective meaning little risk to non-target species.

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What species can we control this way?

The main species are rabbits, moles, grey squirrels, pest species of bird, deer and foxes. We have been involved at times with both the Hebridean Mink Project and Red Squirrel Survival Trust.

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Do you have to kill pest species?

The use of lethal control methods is the only viable option for certain pest species. Many of the animals in question such as rabbits, grey squirrels and certain types of deer are non-native and it would be considered an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to catch and then release them. However, the use of lethal control methods is always judged on a case by case basis and LANDGUARD will only control a pest where there is justifiable cause to do so – i.e. where they present a risk to health, business reputation, significant economic loss or where there is a legal obligation to do so.

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Who uses traditional pest control and why?

Traditional pest control is suitable for a wide range of our customers. We’ve worked to protect school grounds, domestic gardens, farms, carparks, an airfield, abbey, heliport – the list goes on! All these customers have had a requirement for a chemical free approach with little to no downtime or exclusion from treated areas.

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