Textile Pests

Moths and numerous Beetle species come under the title Textile Pests. A Textile Pest is an insect that is able to digest the natural protein Keratin, which is found in fur, wool, feathers and animal hair. The larvae of textile pests can cause the most significant damage to fibres of carpet, bedding and clothing. If a domestic or commercial premises is unfortunate enough to become infested, these pests can cause a lot of damage in a short space of time.

    Textile Pests
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    How do Textile Pests get in to your property?

    The adult pest will lay their eggs where there is a sufficient food source, for example, bird nests in or around the roof of your property or from any rodent infestations (within nests they leave behind). Adult beetles and moths will in addition often fly through open windows finding edges of carpets and clothes storage – typical places to lay their eggs.

    How do you spot a Textile Pest infestation?

    Are you noticing a number of live or dead insects around the property near natural textiles? Properly identifying and treating your pest infestation is of the utmost importance in safeguarding your home and contents against damage. A Textile Pest infestation is fairly easy to investigate – bald patches appear in carpets, while holes may appear in clothes, curtains and furnishings made of natural fibres and worryingly historic artifacts are popular with these pests.

    Textile pests tend to home in on the most expensive clothes in addition to devouring other higher value items in your home, such as sofas and carpets. And if you are a commercial enterprise – such as a clothing retailer, a storage facility or furniture outlet, you may loose huge amounts of stock in a very short period. Hotels and other businesses in the service industry are also at risk.

    What can the home or business owner do…?

    It can be particularly difficult for a property owner to control a Textile Pest infestation. The adults quickly become unaffected by ageing mothballs and over the-counter remedies are ineffective. To get professional results you need to call in a professional pest controller. Landguard has access to restricted products which will deal with textile pests in an cost effective and long lasting manner, and can also give you some great advice on how to protect your home or business.

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    Crawling Insects

    The majority of insects in the U.K have wings at the adult stage to aid transport or to enable the breeding process. However, these insects often primarily have a crawling stage with some insects being¬†permanently wingless relying on crawling or jumping to move about. These pests are therefore often defined as ‘crawling’ when they cause a nuisance during the crawling stage or when exclusive crawlers.

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