Squirrel ControlIf a SQUIRREL decides it wants to get in your property, it’ll leap from close branches, climb creepers, scale rough textured walls and squeeze up the back of vertical drain pipes to roof level. And once it’s up there, it’ll chomp its way straight into your roof cavity, as demonstrated by our lovely customer from Burley In Wharfedale.
Squirrels in a property often cause severe damage and drive people crazy with their late-night foot-stomping antics.
To prevent SQUIRREL issues at your home or business, you’ll need to –
1st – catch up the squirrels
2nd – chop off any overhanging branches
3rd – block any obvious holes
4th – keep your fingers crossed!
With increasing numbers of squirrels in our area, you’ll need a fast and effective service, so please don’t hesitate to call today!
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