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Specialist Services

Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing is a great way to prevent pests accessing your property and can be used within an Integrated Pest Management approach or can often follow a full pest control treatment.

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Once your pest issue is under control, LANDGUARD will remove and safely dispose of all contaminated waste, hoover and clean away all traces of the pests.

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Specialist Disinfection

Using a combination of ULV sprays and professional fogging machines we can give public spaces, businesses and private properties a far higher level of protection than cleaning alone.

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Environmental Management & Consultancy

With current legislative requirements, it is vital that all businesses show due diligence and attempt to be pest free. Click Here to find out how LANDGUARD can help you meet those challenges in an affordable and environmentally sustainable manner.

Weed Control

A professional weed control and killing service for both domestic and commercial clients.

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