Specialist Disinfection

Our specialist disinfection service sanitises all surfaces in your property using a combination of ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprays and professional fogging machines we can give public spaces, businesses and private properties a a far higher level of protection than cleaning.

Benefits of our system –
  • A great reduction in disease causing pathogens compared to manual surface cleaning.
  • An out of hours, complete disinfection service for your home or business with minimal disruption or downtime.
  • Use of professional fogging equipment that create tiny droplets of disinfectant to penetrate complex and inaccessible areas.
  • A medical grade disinfectant which kills pathogens, removes odours and has long lasting residual properties.

Specialist Services

Help protect your home or business with our range of services.

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Once your pest issue is under control Landguard will remove and safely dispose of all contaminated waste, hoover and clean away all traces of the pests.

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