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Silverfish are brown-grey to a grey-silver colour and are a carrot shape when fully grown. They have long antennae and 3 bristly tails. Growing up to 20mm in length they are mainly harmless to humans but are capable of causing a lot of damage to books, papers, wall paper, packets of dry food and other items high in sugars and starches.


A few Silverfish facts…

  • Silverfish are one of our most ancient insects. They’ve been crawling around for more than 400 million years, predating the dinosaurs by 100 million years.
  • Silverfish are most active at night.
  • Their name is derived from fish-like movements and silvery scales.
  • Silverfish like damp humid areas, such as bathrooms, but may also be an indication of damp problems.
  • In the natural environment Silverfish are important decomposers. However, in our homes these insects gain proteins, sugars and starches from sources such as newspapers, books, wallpaper and fabrics.
  • When a female Silverfish reaches her adult stage, she can produce between 2 and 20 eggs every day for up to eight years, in areas such as crevices, cracks and under carpeting or rugs. That’s nearly 60,000 eggs over her lifetime!
Silverfish - Pest Control

How to control Silverfish?

Firstly attempt to correct any persistent dampness (through sealing walls, maintaining pipework, heating the property, dehumidifier etc)

Call a pest controller, who will safely spray areas where you have had sightings with an insecticide intended for the control of Silverfish.

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