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As our enforced period of isolation has progressed vacated buildings, empty streets and cut backs to council services have provided an ideal opportunity for rodents to thrive across the UK. Against the usual seasonal trends rat and mouse activity has increased with customers reporting daytime sightings characterized by confident, scavenging groups or individuals.

In fact, after gathering evidence across the UK 51% of pest professionals polled by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) have reported an increase in rat activity, while 41% reported an increase in mice activity during the timeline of restrictions.

Hotspots identified during Lockdown have included Otley, Burley in Wharfedale, Guiseley, Menston and Ilkley.

Rat Control So why the increase?
Rats and mice are prolific breeders capable of producing multiple litters which can mature and produce their own young all within a year. Each litter presents an increase in competition for food and shelter.
During the pandemic many food businesses such as restaurants, cafés and production facilities have been shut down, cutting off the regular food supplies relied on by local rat populations. This has led to behaviour consistent with starvation, evidenced by rats forced by hunger in to new territories and unusual feeding habits. There has been a particularly marked increase in daytime sightings as the large hungry population is forced to feed at less favourable times.
In addition, as some patterns for bin collection have altered, household waste and recycling centres have been closed, public litter bin emptying decreased and street cleaning reduced we have added fuel to the fire by accumulating rubbish with food value around our properties. Compost heaps and garden waste have also become a primary food source and form of harbourage.
Vacated properties, such as schools and businesses, provide an undisturbed habitat for a range of pests.
Unfortunately, a reduction in the use of pest control services for financial or perceived H&S motives has also meant that some homes and businesses are completely without cover and rodent populations left unmanaged.

What to do if you are worried or have a rodent sighting
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We can advise you on how to reduce the number of lockdown rats around your home or business, protecting your family or returning work force and shielding properties from a greater financial risk.
We will provide a comprehensive plan and where control is necessary use the most humane and effective methods as part of our service.

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