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Property Management


Find out how to resolve pest related issues for your properties and tenants.

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Discovering pests in your rental property is worrying and upsetting. But who is responsible for the pest control?

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Pest Proofing

Pest proofing is a great way to prevent pests accessing your property and can be used within an Intergrated Pest Management approach or can often follow  full pest control treatment.

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Period Properties

Consultaion should be considered as valuable as control in effective pest management, particularly in older buildings where pest infestations may indicate building issues that need investigation.

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Commercial Pest Control

Our fully trained technicians will work independently and discreetly, saving you time, and giving you complete peace of mind that things are getting taken care of.

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Weed Control

Landguard offer a professional weed control and killing service for both domestic and commercial clients.

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Why Use LANDGUARD Pest Control…

  1. We’re local. We understand this area, its homes and businesses.
  2. We’re knowledgeable. With a background in agriculture and game keeping we have both traditional skills and up-to-date qualifications.
  3. We care. Really care. Looking after properties, people and protecting reputations is what we are all about.
  4. We get results. We live up to our promises. We deliver.
  5. We use the best products available first time, every time. There is no second option, be sure you’re getting the best.
  6. We have an unique Eco friendly approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

So with all this at an average 1/3 the price of the national providers, why wouldn’t you?

Proof we’re fit for the fight Landguard Ltd is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) – the trade body for the pest management industry in the UK.

Our members logo is earned and we’re proud to display it because membership is a sign of professionalism and a mark of quality.

BPCA promotes best practice and being part of the organisation provides independent proof that we’re committed to excellence in every part of our business.

You can always check our membership status at