The Covid-19 Lockdown has seen the unprecedented closure of businesses and schools, but what will we find on our return? And what should you do if you encounter a pest problem…?

Read on to find out how Lockdown may have affected your business or property.

Unoccupied homes and businesses provide the perfect breeding grounds for a variety of disease-carrying and problematic pests like mice, rats, cockroaches and flies, not to mention overgrown weeds in outside areas.

Even a vacant adjacent property can have an impact on your own as pests emerge and spread out to other areas.Lockdown

Weeds and overgrown bordering vegetation, standing water, rubbish and other debris along with deteriorating building conditions are characteristic of empty properties. Long grasses, overgrown shrubs, clogged gutters and pools of standing water offer a perfect habitat for a variety of pests that will impact on both inside and outdoor areas.

In the interest of preserving the health of you, your staff or tenants it is imperative that vacant structures, and properties be managed to keep insects, rodents and weeds from moving in.

Rodents, insects and weeds are often thought of as merely nuisances, but they can pose serious health risks for people and pets if they are left unchecked, equating to damaged reputations and brand image, staff sick days and unhappy tenants.

Rats and mice can thrive in empty houses and other structures left unused and unmanaged. Rodents have been shown to carry and spread E. coli, streptococcus and Salmonella along with other diseases and allergens, and are responsible for a multitude of hospital visits each year due to bites and human contact with their faeces and urine.

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Blocked gutters and overflowing water butts, ponds and shutdown water features and other structures that hold water around vacant buildings serve as perfect breeding grounds for midges and mosquitoes. Biting insects can even prevent the use of outside areas as the year progresses.

Exposure to weed and pollen allergies can trigger respiratory problems and illnesses like hay fever, especially among young children and those with underlying health issues who may breathe in the increased airborne allergens circulating around unkempt areas.

Ticks, fleas and stinging insects find refuge in overgrown weeds and unmown lawns, introducing the risks of bites and stings that cause itching, swelling, allergic reactions and infections such as Lyme’s disease.

The threats each of these pests pose are very real and can become serious health and safety hazards for you, your returning staff and customers if they are permitted to thrive.

If you return to your business or place of work and suspect there is a pest issue please pick up the phone and give us a call for some free advice.

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