Autumnal Invaders…

Looking out the window it’s pretty obvious that Autumn is here in Yorkshire. But as we think of tucking ourselves up and turning on the central heating which other insects and animals are looking to head inside.

Local Pest Control - Wasp RemovalWasps

Untreated wasps’ nests can really start to cause issues in and around our properties during the Autumn. Once the new queens have left the nest the worker wasps become more aggressive and roam further away from their base. And as the nest has run its natural course, the worker wasps no longer have to forage for young larvae are at liberty to get drunk on fermented, fallen fruit displaying erratic and threatening behaviour. New queens (larger looking female wasps) may randomly appear inside property over the coming months.

Local Pest ControlMice and Rats

The falling temperatures of Autumn and less available food start to make our properties look like attractive real estate and now’s the time to be on the lookout for unwanted rodent house guests. Mice and rats will actively seek out weaknesses in the fabric of your property to gain access to the wall cavity and up to the loft. After setting up base they’ll find they’ll make feeding excursions primarily to the kitchen, but also across other living areas. Mouse and rat issues are often first indicated by droppings (mouse 3-8mm / rat 10-20mm), sounds in roof or wall cavities, chewed food and shredded nesting materials.

Cluster Fly TreatmentsFlies

Numerous species of flies look to hibernate in our houses and offices over the winter, with attics and other roof voids being particularly favoured. Our most common callout is for the Cluster fly (Pollenia Rudis) which can arrive in vast numbers from fields and other grasslands surrounding your property. Numbers can get well into the thousands which may be slightly alarming for the customer. More of a nuisance than anything else these flies will often stir from hibernation warmer days appearing around windows and skylights. Cluster flies can be identified by golden hairs on its back and typically measure approximately 10mm.

Local Pest ControlFleas

Another common pest during Autumn is the flea. The seasonal “flea surge” is often a result of an increase in precipitation and temperatures remaining warm enough to sustain the population. Switching on of central heating can also exacerbate the problem as fleas thrive in warmer conditions. 95% of a flea’s life cycle is spent in and around your property (i.e. not on your pet) meaning infestations can spread rapidly. Carpeted areas, soft furnishings and pets will potentially all need treating. To help avoid flea issues your dogs, cats should be dosed regularly through a prescription flea programme at your local veterinary practice.


Some of the other common pests you may encounter during the Autumn include ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. However, fear not! LANDGUARD has some very effective treatments and advice to ensure that pests stay out of your property this Autumn, just give us a call.


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