Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing is the sealing of points of ingress (entry points) where a pest may make its way into a property.

 Pest Proofing is an environmentally friendly way to control pests within an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and often follows a full pest control treatment.

Pest Proofing

What can a property owner do to help prevent a pest infestation…

  • Block entry points.
  • Pests need food and water, denying easy access to these will deter any pests from visiting.
  • Always clear away food waste, including pet food.
  • Ensure all food is stored in glass or metal containers with a secure lid.
  • Lids on bins should fit securely and keep them clean of food waste.
  • Store firewood away from the house.
  • If using bird feeders – position them as far away from the property as possible.
  • Keep bordering foliage around the property to minimum.
  • Keep your property and garden tidy and in good repair.

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All properties are susceptible to a pest infestation, no matter how clean or new the property may be. These infestations need to be handled professionally as they can risk your family, employees or customers health – potentially exposing them to parasites and disease.

Rodents can be very persistent in their attempts to access a property. Mice can fit through a gap just 1 cm big and rats are experts at gnawing through a range of materials, making regular access points for themselves and their progeny. Drain networks are particularly vulnerable with rats exploiting weaknesses in the manholes and pipe work even occasionally appearing out of toilets when given the opportunity!

Birds enjoy the shelter of solar panels and will actively seek out weaknesses in a buildings structure, particularly during the nesting season. Roosts and surrounding areas can become heavily fouled with guano, cause secondary pest infestations and be noisy. Nesting birds are also implicated in pest infestations, including the notorious biting bird mites. Please be aware nesting birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

How do pests get in to your house...

To ensure your property is protected from pest intruders, employ a fully trained pest control company such as Landguard Pest Control. We will fully inspect your property and where ingress points are found our qualified pest control technician will use the most up to date pest proof materials to help make your home or business a pest free environment.

Landguard Ltd will…

  • Prevent contamination and disease.
  • Protect investments.
  • Help you meet your legal requirements.
  • Safeguard your reputation.
  • Provide child and pet friendly solutions
  • Book an appointment time to suit you
  • Employ fully insured and qualified technicians
  • Utilize professional products
Professional Disinfection

Specialist Disinfection

Using a combination of ULV sprays and professional fogging machines we can give public spaces, businesses and private properties a far higher level of protection than cleaning alone.

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Decontamination Services


Once your pest issue is under control, LANDGUARD will remove and safely dispose of all contaminated waste, hoover and clean away all traces of the pests.

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