Uh oh, I Just Spotted Pest Control!

Landguard Pest Control - Local Pest ControlYou arrive at your hotel or Restaurant that you have been looking forward to eating and staying at, and there, parked outside, is a pest control van!!

Your heart sinks as you immediately think, “AAAGH, they’ve got RATS, COCKROACHES or even BED BUGS!!”

The reality is that seeing a Pest Control Van outside a business is usually a good sign.

Why you ask….?

Even good hospitality businesses are vulnerable to attacks by pests and also have many people coming through their premises daily. People who have been staying in other hotels, staying in different homes, eating in other restaurants. Pests may find and even create new ways into a property or arrive in deliveries, and customers may even carry pests in without realising.

If a business uses regular pest control, it may have decided to prioritise its customers’ health and well-being over profits.

Instead of waiting till there is an issue and needing to get it fixed, they are taking a proactive approach to their pest control.Pest Control

The business you have chosen doesn’t want to be told by a customer that they have seen something that looked like a pest species; they don’t want a report of a bed bug bite or mouse droppings in a wardrobe; they want to have things in place, so the pest species doesn’t use their premises at all, and if it does, it’s resolved quickly.

Having a pest controller on the premises shows due diligence and is one way the business looks after you whilst you stay or eat with them.

Good hospitality businesses will often have a pest controller visit their premises at least six times a year to avoid potential issues.

What might a pest controller do on these visits?
  • Check around the kitchen and food preparation areas for any potential pest issues. Monitors can be used to catch any activity quickly.
  • Searches with a bed bug detection team can be carried out throughout hotels to check for early Bed Bug detection – meaning rooms can be closed and treated before anybody gets bitten or takes the bugs home with them.
  • Pest controllers can check for any signs of rodents throughout buildings; thus helping to avoid health and safety issues, i.e. fires

Hotel Pest Control

So the next time you spot a pest control van in the car park as you arrive for your long-awaited trip away or meal out, don’t be disappointed. Be pleased that the people you have chosen to spend your money with are taking your comfort, hygiene, health and well-being seriously.


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