Locked into multiple visits? We don’t think so!

At LANDGUARD Ltd we’re a bit different than other pest control companies. We don’t think that you should be locked into a series of expensive visits on the advice of a pest control firm who may not have even visited your property. Why? Well, every job is different. Some issues may be resolved in the first instance. Other ones may need a follow up in a week, month or after a few months. This should be assessed and agreed after an initial visit allowing informed choices to be made by the customer. Anything beyond that is merely a cynical sales tactic on the part of a pest control provider to guarantee themselves a fixed sum of money over an advised period.

To ensure we provide great value for money our pricing structure is flexible, itemised and totally transparent. You have a little problem, you pay less. You have a larger issue you pay more. No fixed fees. No fixed visits that you’re asked to agree to, or worse pay in advance for. Instead, after an initial survey, we’ll form a tailor made plan that will provide the most effective and best value service for your home or business.

What to expect…

CONTACT – You (the customer) will call our team and explain the issue you are having, we will explain possible control measures and approximate costs. If you choose to go ahead we will arrange an appointment time to suit you and give you any advice that we can on the phone.

INSPECTION – A fully trained technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your property, to confirm the species of pest and the level of infestation. After the inspection they will be able to give an accurate price, dependent on their findings.

*In this way Landguard offer the most effective control plan which creates the best value for money.

TREATMENT – The technician will carry out the treatment, using the most up to date product for the most effective result.

AFTERCARE – During the 1st treatment, ongoing pest control is discussed and it can be established what may be required going forward.

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