Period Properties

Period properties. We all love ’em. But unfortunately so do a whole range of pests that’ll feast on the fabric of a building and exploit traditional building design to gain access in and around a property.

The use of traditional materials in period properties – such as textiles, furniture, ephemera and timber structures – present both food and harbourage to a wide range of pests from insects to birds and pest control has a vital part to play in preservation. As period properties are often unique they consequently have their own peculiarities and vulnerabilities – design, age/deterioration through age, build quality and choice of materials.

Period Property - Pest Control

It is the job of your pest controller to recognize these weaknesses, advise, assess the number and species of pest(s), place adequate control measures in place and if possible proof points of ingress to stop pests accessing various areas. Consultation should be considered as valuable as control in effective pest management, particularly in older buildings where pest infestations may indicate building issues that need investigating.

Landguard can offer thorough inspections of your property to giving you the confidence and the peace of mind that all pest issues are under control. As a local family businesss we will create a bespoke solution to suit your individual property.

Pest Control - Period Property

Traditional Pest Control

Traditional pest control is at the heart of our business and its an area we excel in.

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Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing is a great way to prevent pests accessing your property and can be used within an Integrated Pest Management approach or can often follow a full pest control treatment.

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