Correctly identifying and treating your clothes moth infestation is of utmost importance in safeguarding your home and contents against damage. A moth infestation is relatively easy to investigate – bald patches appear in carpets, while holes appear in clothes, curtains, and furnishings made of natural fibers.

Unfortunately, clothes moths have good taste.

They tend to home in on the most expensive clothes and devour other higher-value items in your home, such as sofas and carpets. And suppose you are a commercial enterprise, such as a clothing retailer, a storage facility, or a furniture outlet. In that case, you may lose massive amounts of stock in a very short period. Hotels and other businesses in the service industry are also at risk.

What can the home or business owner do…?

It can be difficult for a property owner to control a moth infestation. The adult moths quickly become unaffected by ageing mothballs, and over-the-counter remedies are ineffective; for best results, call in a pest controller who has access to professional products and can give you some great advice on how to protect your home or business.

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