Moles are voracious insectivores who have to constantly dig to satisfy their need for earthworms and insects. Using a particularly keen sense of touch and sensitivity to vibration the mole is able to track its prey hiding in the soil.

After choosing a suitable territory the mole will establish a series of deep underground routes with shallower feeding tunnels leading off them. With the ability to tunnel several meters per hour in good conditions, an extensive network of molehills and burrows is soon created. Unfortunately for us this often happens to be on a prime piece of our real estate!

Every year huge economic damages are inflicted upon private and public gardens, golf courses, parks and farms. Local councils have been sued in tripping accidents, machinery such as lawnmowers damaged when driven across hidden molehills and soil based bacteria (i.e. Listeria) are passed on to livestock from contaminated silage leading to mortalities. These impacts cost land based businesses heavily. As with most other pests, we recommend you treat a mole incursion as soon as possible. The more the issue develops, the more damage generally occurs and potential cost increase to the client.

Control Strategies

Trapping – Drawing on 20+ yrs experience professional mole trapping, our ex gamekeeper will soon get your moles caught up. Mole trapping can be time consuming option, however it is particularly useful around sensitive sites such as school grounds, small gardens and for organic producers.

Gassing – LANDGUARD Ltd has the advantage of employing staff highly trained in the safe use of gassing agents. Talunex (or aluminium phosphide) is a very efficient and rapid form of control for rats, rabbits and moles. Where possible its use can be preferable to more time consuming and less cost effective traditional methods such as trapping. Each tablet liberates phosphine (hydrogen phosphide) gas, which is lethal at low concentrations, sending moles to sleep, deep in their tunnels.

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