Mites belong to the same class as spiders – Arachnida. They are distinguished by having a body, thorax, and head, all undivided, but do have eight legs. They can range from a translucent white/pale grey to a dark red/brown.

How do Mites get in your home or business…?

  • House Dust Mites – Often found living on mattresses feeding on tiny particles of dead skin – most houses will have these, even the cleanest of homes.
  • Furniture Mite – Usually found on damp/old furniture.
  • Flour Mite – As the name suggests, favour food containing flour, such as cereals or pasta. Flour mite infestations are a severe problem for food storage facilities, particularly for bulk grain and animal feed.
  • Bird Mites – If your home or business has been a nesting place for birds, these mites may find their way down into your living space when the young have flown the nest and will need a new food source – you.
  • Red Spider Mite – Making their way into properties in springtime. These mites look for places to lay eggs and then again in Autumn to hibernate.
  • Scabies Mites – A problem for pets as they will burrow into the skin, causing an irritating rash. Also known as Mange.
  • Harvest Mites – Can be brought into a property on animals or clothing.
Mite Infestation
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How do you spot a Mite infestation?…

Mites often go unnoticed until there is an infestation; when this is the case, you may see them in alarming numbers on work surfaces and walls.

What can you do?

Calling a pest controller is highly recommended if you suspect you have a mite infestation.

Landguard has access to restricted, professional products that will deal with Mites cost-effectively and are long-lasting. We will also give you some great advice on protecting your property.

Landguard Pest Control will …

  • Provide child and pet-friendly solutions
  • Book an appointment time to suit you
  • Employ fully insured and qualified technicians
  • Utilize professional products
  • Prevent contamination and disease
  • Safeguard your reputation
  • Protect investments
  • Help you meet your legal requirements
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