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😳Wow, yesterday was a bit interesting as our phone lit up with calls coming in from Addingham to Harewood from customers concerned about the large number of ladybirds finding their way into properties.
🐞The majority of these ladybirds are the notorious non-native Harlequin ladybird which arrived on our shores in 2004. As temperatures fall in the autumn Harlequins look to enter properties where they will hibernate for the winter forming clusters around window frames and doors.

Landguard Pest Control
Landguard Pest Control🐞They’re hard to tell apart from native ladybirds but often have an orange underside and legs, although this isn’t a definitive physical characteristic and there’s a crossover in features with our native insect. However, if you are getting large numbers clustering inside your property they’re more than likely to be Harlequin spp. as our native bug tends to hibernate outside amongst trees, rocks and leaf litter.
🐞Harlequin ladybirds don’t pose any real risk but when disturbed may produce a noxious yellow secretion which can stain surfaces and are occasionally known to bite.
✋🏻Applying an insecticide to control these ladybird is not recommended and may put at risk our threatened native ladybirds. At most Harlequins should be physically removed and put it outside (or tolerated).
👍🏻If you have any concerns or questions please do give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise


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