What are those mystery black spots that appear everywhere at this time of year?
You may have asked yourself this question before wiping down window frames and work surfaces to remove the unsightly marks. Well, you may be surprised to learn that they are indeed fly poo! 💩🤭
🤢At this point, you may be reaching for the anti-bac spray and wipes. And you’d be quite right too!
🪰The common housefly, Musca domestica, can be found in almost all human settlements around the world.
😋These insects feed on human food waste and excrement which they pick up and carry, translocating various disease agents to food and living spaces. In addition to the housefly, a number of other fly species have adapted to life in proximity to human habitation, where they present similar problems. The Blowfly family (Calliphoridae) and other flies have been also associated with the transmission of enteric (gut) infections too.
👍🏻So, please give your surfaces a bit of extra consideration this summer.
☎️ And if you would like further help or advice just pick up the phone and call.