In most people’s opinion the only good place for insects is outdoors! However, as summer progresses, we often experience a variety of these pests making their way indoors through open doors, windows and other less obvious points of ingress. As numbers of flying insects peak it’s usual to see a mix of wasps and flies looking for an easy meal or shelter in our living spaces. September’s a key time these pesky bugs that not only present an annoyance, but some real health risks too. But what can you do to help protect your home, family or business?

How to get rid of flies

  • Seal those gaps – The best way to keep summer insects out is to stop them entering in the first
    place. Look for obvious gaps and holes and get ’em filled! Any filler or sealant (preferably in a
    matching colour) will work just fine, but be thorough – insects can fit through the smallest of gaps.
  • Consider doors and windows – Doors and windows are your most vulnerable areas during the
    summer. Check the seals around windows and doors and repair as necessary. Install a door screen if
    you enjoy keeping your doors open on hot days, and do the same for your windows. You may also
    consider installing a door sweep under your door(s) to stop summer insects creeping in.
  • EFK’s: Electric Fly Killers – Once the insects are in your house EFK’s can help by attracting and
    zapping the bugs. Be sure to position your EFK away from windows as it will actually attract more
    insects in!
  • Local Pest Control - IlkleyHousekeeping – Keep the house clean, and pay special attention to the kitchen where insects will be attracted by food debris. Empty the bins frequently, and wipe down work surfaces before and after you cook. Make sure to store food in sealed containers to prevent contamination and try not to leave dirty dishes out for long periods of time.
  • Turn off the lights at night – Many flying insects are attracted to light so switch off as many lights as possible in rooms which aren’t in use.
  • Remove standing water around the perimeter of the property – Various insects such as mosquitoes require water as part of their lifecycle, so try and limit the amount near your property. Remove buckets, rain butts and unblock gutters and drains. Repair leaky pipework.
  • Compost – Re-site or remove compost heaps away from the house as certain insects thrive on decaying organic matter.

AND GIVE US A CALL – We’re here to offer further help, advice and effective control whenever you need!