Flying Insects

Flying insects form an incredibly diverse section of the natural world and have an essential role to play in biological processes. However, like any pest species, when they intrude into our homes, business, and enjoyment of outdoor areas, there are often grounds for their control.

Flying insects typically go through a life cycle of four stages – egg, larva (e.g., caterpillar or maggot), and pupa (usually in a cocoon) before finally becoming adults. Most insects develop wings on maturing to their adult stage to aid transportation or as part of the breeding process. Some insects like cockroaches use their wings infrequently, often as a means of escape or to travel greater distances than crawling. When insects cause us issues in the flying stage, they are often categorized as ‘flying insects’ by pest controllers, although they still may need treatment at an earlier stage of the life cycle.

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Impact of Flying Insects

Flying insects often intrude into our homes, businesses, gardens, and crops, causing a variety of issues –

Bites – painful, itchy swellings caused by an immune reaction to the insect/arachnid mouth part injecting foreign material during the bite. Globally, insect bites are one of the worst transmitters of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases affecting humans and livestock.

Stings – caused by venom injected into the skin can be painful and upsetting, with a risk of anaphylaxis (a life threatening reaction) in some people.

Allergens – dust produced by pest outbreaks can trigger conditions including asthma.

Pathogens – including salmonella, affecting food and water in homes and businesses are often carried by the movement of crawling pests.

Expert Flying Insect control

LANDGUARD offers a comprehensive, professional package for short and long-term insect control

  • Initial survey to indicate presence and identity of insect pest, abundance, and origin or ingress points to the property
  • Site-specific treatment program
  • Professional grade insecticides
  • Proofing of buildings to prevent future outbreaks, including the installation of fly screens
  • Long-term monitoring and control systems, including installing professional-grade fly killers

Crawling Insects

Most insects in the U.K have wings at the adult stage to aid transport or enable the breeding process. However, these insects often primarily have a crawling stage with some insects being permanently wingless, relying on crawling or jumping to move about. These pests are therefore often defined as ‘crawling’ when they cause a nuisance during the crawling stage or when exclusive crawlers.

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