• There are 120,000 fly species known to science!
  • Flies taste using receptors located on their feet & legs
  • Flies spread ecoli and salmonella through contact with foodstuffs and kitchen utensils.
  • A flies digestive systems work quickly, meaning they defecate A LOT!
  • Flies can see behind them.

Help prevent flies in your home/business…

  • Keep bins and their lids secure
  • Clean up food prep areas
  • Dispose of food waste quickly and correctly
  • Install fly screens where windows need to be open
How to get rid of flies

The best way to prevent and control flies is to enlist the help of a professional pest controller. We will be able to advise you on the best course of action for the most effective prevention, reducing the risk of damage to your family, business, reputation, employees, and customers’ health.

Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies are medium-sized (8mm), dark grey insects with yellow hairs across the back and overlapping wings.

 The species often first become a nuisance when during the Autumn, they congregate in large numbers in upper rooms and roof spaces of houses in order to hibernate.

Cluster Fly Treatments

Rising temperatures in Spring triggers them to seek out egg laying sites in neighbouring countryside. Unpleasantly, a mass of cluster flies, which can run into thousands, can produce a characteristic musty aroma.

So, think you have Cluster Flies?

Your best option is to call in a qualified pest controller, as shop-bought sprays will help with the odd fly but will not affect the high number they appear.


What will the pest controller do?

​Where Cluster flies have been identified, your pest controller will use a professional fogging machine and high-grade, foggable insecticide to get the problem under control. Unlike the cheaper, more risky techniques such as smoke bombs used by some pest controllers, fogging carries no inherent fire risk and has greater residual properties (meaning the treatment will keep working for longer).

Usually, treatment of a roof void will significantly reduce fly numbers; however, where cluster flies have been, they will return. Experts think the resting flies may leave a pheromone as an attractant to following years’ progeny.

Landguard Pest Control will –

  • Prevent contamination and disease.
  • Protect investments.
  • Help you meet your legal requirements.
  • Safeguard your reputation.
  • Provide child and pet-friendly solutions
  • Book an appointment time to suit you
  • Employ fully insured and qualified technicians
  • Utilize professional products

Flying Insects

Like any pest species, when flying insects intrude into our homes, businesses, and enjoyment of outdoor areas, there are often grounds for their control.

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