DIY Mouse Control and Home Remedies – The Facts

People have been trying all sorts of imaginative ways to repel mice down the years but how many actually help with rodent issues…?

Common statements we hear in pest control include “I tried _____ but it didn’t seem to work, so we called you!” or “Or I tried _____ but the problem seems to be getting worse”

So, do any of the old-fashioned (and modern) mouse repellents actually work? Here’s the low down on a few common DIY Mouse Control techniques –

Ultra-Sonic Repellents

There isn’t much evidence to the efficacy of this technology to say the least! Its unfortunate that these devices don’t work as every home and business throughout the land would benefit from them greatly. Ultrasonic sound is absorbed by dense objects meaning the room would have to be empty to get the full effect. And more importantly mice and rats have been shown to be very accepting of environmental noise, living in and alongside industrial machinery, engines and similar in their search for food and living quarters!

Peppermint Oil

This theory is based upon the fact that mice will be deterred from a strong aroma of peppermint invading their territory. While the rodent’s neophobic tendencies may be alerted by the addition of a new fragrance in its environment it won’t deter them for long. If the mouse doesn’t either associate the aroma as a food source or a danger (i.e. to its survival) the scent will soon become irrelevant.


Moth Balls

People sometimes tell us that the ‘Moth balls didn’t seem to put off the mice’. The contents of the moth balls are thought to deter mice by affecting their sense of smell in a similar manner that it works on a moth. However, to have an effect on the mice a moth ball would have to be far larger and far more potent. Perhaps more importantly the mice will just bypass the balls to get to their destination!

So, the unfortunate truth remains that while it would be useful to a property owner to have a few of these defence mechanisms in the arsenal, there is little or no evidence to support their use. Trapping and the use of rodenticide remain the most cost effective and humane control measures.

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