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DIY Bird Proofing

While we’re always happy to carry out bird proofing works for our customers, the more enthusiastic of you home improvers out there may feel like doing your own! To fulfil your needs LANDGUARD has partnered up with DEFENDER® Bird Spikes to bring you the best of British bird proofing. Much like us DEFENDER® are a homegrown, top quality, family run business offering a fantastic product manufactured right here in the UK. Most important of all the products work well. Really well. So well in fact we use them exclusively in our own bird proofing projects.

So why not think about getting out the ladder and giving it a go? We’re on hand to point you towards the right products from DEFENDER® and can offer free advice, handy installation guides as well as a Defender® warranty certificate for your chosen bird spike product. It’s that simple!


Bird Proofing - Plastic Bird Spikes
Bird Proofing - Tv Ariel Bird Spikes
Seagull Bird Spikes - Bird Proofing
Roof Ridge Bird Spikes
Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
Narrow Bird Spikes
Bird Proofing - Gutter Bird Spikes
Bird Proofing Spikes

Defender® have produced a new range of  packs designed to make bird proofing your property simple and straight forward. Each Defender® Pack contains everything that is needed to install the bird deterrent system such as a tube of Defender® Silicone. In addition, each pack contains a great 40-Page pigeon and seagull control guide full of interesting articles, tips and advice on installation, as well as a Defender® warranty certificate for your bird spike product. A clear and concise installation guide also features on the outside of the box with product specific photos.

With packs from just £29.99 to £59.99 – we are confident you will be really happy with the quality and value of these fantastic UK made products.
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Pest Proofing

Pest Proofing is a great way to prevent pests accessing your property and can be used within an Integrated Pest Management approach or can often follow a full pest control treatment.

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