Loft spaces and the insulation found therein form a significant area of contamination following an infestation of rodents, mice, birds and other pest species. The presence of faeces, urine, dead animals etc is often a cause of secondary insect pest infestations, including many fly species. Additionally, rodents constantly leave a trail of urine as they move causing widespread contamination and creating a vector for diseases and pathogens which will stay in your loft and other stored items if not treated.

Once your pest issue is under control, LANDGUARD will remove and safely dispose of all contaminated waste, hoover and clean away all traces of the pests and if appropriate spray the area with a residual pesticide or disinfect which will eliminate all residual insect infestations and eliminate diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis.

Local Pest Control - Harrogate

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  • Affordable and effective service
  • Eradication of harmful pathogens and disease
  • Removal and safe disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Proofing of property to help prevent future pest intrusion available.
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Using a combination of ULV sprays and fogging machines we can give public spaces businesses and private properties a far higher level of protection cleaning alone.

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