Crawling Insects

In Great Britain we are estimated to have around 27, 000 species of insect. From the Wharf Borer to the Woolly Bear the abundance and diversity is incredible. Insects fulfill an essential role in our ecosystem and should not always be viewed as a problem. Through good hygiene and housekeeping many pest outbreaks can also be prevented or alleviated. However, crawling insects in our homes and businesses can have a huge economic and psychological impact and need to be controlled where causing issues. With such diversity it is important to use a company who understands the individual insect pest species and their life stages to give you professional results…

The majority of insects in the U.K (and further afield) have wings at the adult life stage to aid transport or to enable the breeding process. However, these insects often primarily have a crawling stage and some insects are permanently wingless relying on crawling or jumping to move about. Insect pests are therefore often defined as ‘crawling’ when they cause a nuisance during the crawling stage or when exclusively crawlers.

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Impact of Crawling Insect Pests

Crawling insects are classified as pests due to the impact they may have on us, our homes or businesses.

A few of these negative effects include:

Bites – painful, itchy swellings caused by an immune reaction to the insect/arachnid mouth part injecting foreign material during the bite. Globally, insect bites are one of the worst transmitters of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases affecting humans and livestock.

Stings – caused by venom injected into the skin can be painful and upsetting, with a risk of anaphylaxis (a life threatening reaction) in some people.

Allergens – dust produced by pest outbreaks can trigger conditions including asthma.

Pathogens – including salmonella, affecting food and water in homes and businesses are often carried by the movement of crawling pests.

Damage – caused by SPI’s (stored product insects) at home to foodstuffs in pantrys or cupboards and huge economic losses to businesses producing and/or distributing stored products (such as flour, grain etc).

Harm – to fabrics, for example, our carpets or clothing.

Damage – to wood such as structural timber or antique furniture.

Control of Crawling Insects

LANDGUARD Pest Control can offer free expert advice on good hygiene and housekeeping that should help limit the effects of crawling insects on your home or business – just pick up the phone.

We will help you…

  • Prevent the damage insects cause to packaging and stored goods, like textiles or timber
  • Protect you or your business from the loss of stored food from ingestion or contamination
  • Prevent diseases to you, your family, customers, pets and livestock caused by insect disease carriers
  • Help you fulfill your legal obligations, with particular reference to food producers and landlords. Current laws and regulations require properties and food production facilities to be pest free. Failure to keep up these standards is unfortunate and inevitably leads to prosecution.
  • Maintain your good reputation – stop an outbreak of insects or an existing population having an impact of peoples perception of your business. In today’s climate the presence of any visible pest species (or damage to goods) is seen as wholly unacceptable to the general public or to other businesses.