Commercial Pest Control

Landguard understand the importance of maintaining the reputation you have worked so hard to establish.

And, due to current legislative requirements, it is vital that all businesses show due diligence and attempt to be pest free. The commercial sector of Landguard Pest Control was created to meet these challenges – with a wealth of experience, fast response times and a pricing structure to beat our major competitors.

Landguard will work with you and your staff implementing the IPM (Intergrated Pest Management) approach alongside proven pest control methods, resulting in positive impacts throughout your business including hygiene, house keeping and staff eductation.

Our fully trained technicians will work independently and discreetly, saving you time, and giving you complete peace of mind that things are taken care of.

Benefit from a local pest control provider who will take time to learn your business and create bespoke solutions to suit the indiviual needs of your work environment.

LANDGUARD’S business is to –

  • Prevent contamination & disease
  • Protect investments
  • Help you meet your legal requirements
  • Safeguard your reputation and allow you to get on with what your good at – your business

Services Include

Professional methods for all pest species including Mice, Rats, Foxes, Squirrels, Moles, Insects (including wasps, flies, moths, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, ants and bees etc.) and Birds.

  • One-off treatments.
  • Service contracts giving on-going protection and compliance for your business with current Regulations.
  • Pest proofing
  • Supply and maintenace of pest control equipment.
  • Professional weed control on your land and around your property.
  • 24/7 Call out.
  • Contracted customers benefit from a 10% discount of any ‘one off’ treatment – such as a wasp nest.


LANDGUARD PEST CONTROL   For You and Your Environment

During this unprecedented time it is vital business owners give some thought to pest management.

Unoccupied premises provide an ideal breeding ground for a range of pests.

As designated key workers Landguard Pest Control is working hard to provide effective pest management across commercial and residential properties.

**There has been a 51% report increase in rat activity and 41% report increase in mouse activity – Source:BPCA Covid-19 Impact Study.

Pest Control Near Me

If you would like any advice or would like us to provide a quote for a site specific pest management programe for your property, please give the team a call today.

Landguard Pest Control - For you and your environment

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