Cluster Flies

🪰Hmmmm, are you getting those annoying dopey flies appearing at your window… and what the heck are they anyway!?Fly Control - Ilkley Pest Control
🪰These insects are in fact Cluster Flies (Pollenia rudis), a seasonal pest that looks to hibernate in our roof spaces and around window frames as the temperatures drop. Cluster Flies are often very sluggish in their movements slowing down with falling temperatures and finally entering a form of hibernation 😴
🏡They have a slight homing instinct which means every year cluster fly issues have the potential to get worse with an increase in returning individuals.
🏡Properties particularly affected often have a long, south facing aspect and are surrounded by fields where flies will emerge from their parasitic stage on an earthworm.
👍🏻Cluster Fly treatments can be very effective in breaking the lifecycle of the insects through a combination of fogging in the loft and treating window frames which will prevent issues with a flies appearing through the winter (if the temperatures are warm enough, including due to central heating), prevent issues with re-mergence in the spring, and prevent the next year group returning.
☎️ If you think you may have a cluster fly problem please give us a call today