Clothes Moths

👀 Take a close look at this adult Clothes Moth making its way across our customers bed right here in Wharfedale!
🙋🏽If you have any numbers of these creamy coloured little fellas appearing then it looks like you’ve got yourself a clothes moth infestation.
🐛It’s actually the larval or caterpillar stage that does all the damage, before pupating and emerging as adults to breed. 👔The appearance of these adults is often the first indication of an issue.
🛋 If you have concerns that you’ve got clothes moths look for affected natural fibre clothing that may be forgotten at the back of cupboards and check for damage around the edges of rooms with woollen carpets and other areas of low footfall such as under furniture, particularly those that are slightly raised off the ground.
👗Clothes may appear dusty (with ‘frass ’) or have obvious damage and adult moths will often flutter out as you open cupboards.
🕳 Pinholes may appear on carpeted areas, slowly opening up into patches resembling crop circles across the natural fibre.
👍🏻 To gain control over a moth infestations takes a two pronged approach. Firstly it is very important that you look for and dispose of affected items or hot wash/freeze those you wish to save (if the items will stand it).
👍🏻 Secondly you should employ a professional pest controller who will have access to the type of restricted products that are necessary to gain control over moth infestations. ✋🏻Forget your online products, they just won’t cut it! What’s needed is a higher volume of the stronger, restricted products available to the professional market.
😃 Most of all it needs a thorough approach taken by both parties.
☎️ If you have concerns over high numbers of moths please give us a call today
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