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Daffodils, warmer weather, and birds singing mean spring has definitely sprung here in beautiful Wharfedale! Big, beautiful queen bumblebees are also waking up and looking for safe places to start their new colonies. This may be in a hedge row, underground, in a garden shed or in the roof space of your property. Seeing bees can sometimes be a little worrying; however, these beautiful insects aren’t aggressive (if left alone) and will come and go within a month, never reusing a nest. Bumblebee populations are also threatened in the UK due to habitat loss, pesticides, climate change and more, which is bad for them and us, as they’re essential for pollinating our agricultural crops and flowering plants.

It’s a big issue – no pollinators = no food = no humans. That’s why at LANDGUARD, we both appreciate bees and also like to leave them alone.

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