Bird Control & Proofing

For as long as mankind has lived in urban conurbations we have attracted opportunist Gulls, Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows to name a few. And through the creation of artificial roosting/nesting sites, with access to easy food sources we have created a fantastic artificial environment for many bird species to thrive. Avian pest species will rapidly take up residence, establishing large colonies in surprisingly quick order.

So whats so bad about a few birds around the place!?

  • Firstly, birds have a wide range of diseases transferable to us through close contact or exposure to droppings including listeria, ornithosis and E-coli.
  • Birds will defecate heavily over nesting sites and roosts. The corrosive nature of the droppings risks historic architecture, damaging metalwork, stone and brickwork.
  • Nesting birds regularly block gutters and chimneys with nesting materials leading to maintenance and repair bills.
  • Shop fronts and monuments soiled with bird guano project a negative image to members of the public.
  • Parasitic outbreaks including mites, fleas and ticks are often linked to bird activity in and around homes and businesses.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 rightly protects all wild birds, their nests and eggs. However, where control measures are required Natural England issues ‘General Licences’ permitting certain species to be controlled using specified methods for specific reasons. The law, however, states that only professional companies such as LANDGUARD Ltd may deal with avian pest species, and only those species that fall within the defined pest category.

Prevention and Control Strategies

Bird deterrence and proofing (limiting access) is a specialist area and LANDGUARD Ltd is fortunate to have an experienced installation team and access to specialist suppliers. Through a combination of professional consultation around on-site hygiene/housekeeping and the use of a range of proofing techniques to limit access to buildings, resident populations can be dispersed without the need for more lethal control measures.

Our proofing systems utilize barriers, spikes, nets and wire either singly or in combination to great effect. Recent innovations in ‘active systems’ including shock strips, sonic scarers and optical gels have given us further deterrents at our disposal to discourage birds looking to land or roost on our customers buildings.

Occasionally, where particularly heavy infestations of avian pest species occur we may have to employ bird management techniques including shooting or trapping until the situation is under control. Proofing and prevention however is always our primary concern.

From a local customer – “I’ve woken up in absolute silence this morning. No cooing. Bliss! Thank you so much to LANDGUARD for sorting out the pigeons. Hugely thankful!”

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