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Bed Bug Detection Dog

Our Bed Bug Detection Dogs are trained to the highest standards to find the lowest level of bed bug infestations.

Bed bug remains have been found in the tombs of Egyptian mummies, showing that bed bugs and humans have a history together of more than four thousand years!

There was a decline in the bedbug population after World War II due to improvements in the standard of living and the use of novel synthetic insecticides; however, evidence now shows that since the turn of the century the bedbug population has been on the rise. The reasons for this include an increase in world travel and resistance to bed bug treatments leading to higher survival, reproduction, and spreading rates. Furthermore, we are seeing an increase in cases once again due to the opening up of the world after Covid 19.

Why Use a Bed Bug Detection Dog?

Bed Bug Detection Dog

One of the main advantages of using detection dogs is that they are trained to find only live bed bugs, helping to give the customer a definitive answer as to whether a treatment is necessary. Traditionally a pest technician may only find old evidence of an infestation and then treat the room unnecessarily and often at a high cost.

Our detection dogs can find anything from eggs to fully grown adult bed bugs, from a large infestation to a single bedbug! The use of the dogs makes for a quick search, and there is no reason to dismantle parts of the room or furniture to try and find the bed bugs like a traditional inspection. The old searching methods can also encourage the bedbugs to disperse as they don’t like being disturbed or exposed to light, so the investigation can potentially spread bugs to other areas and rooms. Landguard bedbug detection dogs can  detect a live bedbug through sheets/stitching and even inside electrical sockets!

 Landguard Pest Control provides a dedicated detection and advisory service. If Bed Bugs are found on a search, advice is given as to the best course of action.

The Landguard Bed Bug Detection Team can inspect an average-sized room in approximately 3 minutes. In contrast, it could take a pest technician over 30 minutes. And, with success rates of making a find with a detection dog at 95% (University of Florida Department of Entomology) and the success rate of a human search at only around 30%, using our highly trained detection team saves time and money. It has proven to be a much more accurate way to find even the smallest infestations.

Detection dogs are also an excellent indicator for confirming if a treatment has been successful.

Commercial Bed Bug Detection…

When a customer reports bed bugs, the repercussions can significantly impact on the business involved. Not only are reputations at stake, but also the risk of lost revenues created by downtimes of all affected parts of the property.

The use of our team can help to identify an infestation and quickly assess the areas implicated. Due to the accuracy of dog detection, we can confirm size of an infestation and places that do/don’t require downtime, which helps prevent unnecessary treatments and the associated costs.

We can provide routine screening.

Having a bed bug search plan in place can help to show due diligence in the event of any court action being taken against an establishment.

All routine checks have complete written reports and photos/video footage kept on record, so there is evidence of a proactive approach to help protect your customers and staff.

 Domestic Bed Bug Detection…

When you have been on a lovely holiday or work trip with a hotel stay, and you come home and find yourself with bites that increase over time, there is a chance you have brought back some Bedbugs with you.

Rather than paying for expensive and potentially unnecessary treatment or having a pest technician take apart your house to find evidence, Landguard Detection Team can come to your property and search for bedbugs and have an answer for you in minutes!

Bed Bug Detection
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Bed Bug Detection
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