The weathers warming up (occasionally!) and you may be experiencing an influx of ants in to your home or business. After months of winter dormancy workers are now on the march to forage for a variety of foods needed to service the nest. Apart from being unsightly ants can contaminate food stuffs, short electrical wires and weaken structures through persistent tunneling.Ant Treatments

One of the most common ants that cause problems in the UK is the Black Garden Ant (Lasius Niger) of the subgenus Lasius, found all over Europe and in some parts of North America. Worldwide there are over 10,000 species of ant including some of our favourites – the ‘crazy ants – the Raspberry Crazy Ant, Tawny Crazy Ant and Longhorn Crazy Ant. So called due to their quick, unpredictable movements.


Signs of an Ant infestation…

  • Seeing large numbers of live ants indicates a problem.
  • Evidence of Ant pathways around you property.
  • A small pile of soil or dirt may be a sign of a nest, however Ants also like to make their homes in walls. The Black Ant often use the foundations of buildings.

Ant Control & Treatments Ant Facts…

  • Once a nest is established it may produce up to 10,000 workers.
  • A colony can hold up to 500,000 Ants.
  • Ants live on every landmass in the world except Antarctica
  • Ants like dark, moist places to nest.
  • Some Ants (Pharaoh Ants) can carry and spread diseases and infections.
  • Ants belong to the insect order Hymenoptera, meaning they are closely related to wasp and bees.
  • The worker Ant can live for up to 7 years.
  • A Queen Ant can live up to 15 years.

How to prevent ants entering your property…

  • Clean thoroughly, in particular food and drink spillages – these are a primary attraction to your property.
  • Ensure the kitchen or staff room is free from food debris with particular reference to sweet and sugary items that will draw ants in.
  • Disinfect work surfaces, cracks and crevices to disrupt the pheromone trail that an ant will leave/follow.
  • Block off entry/exit points by running a sealant along the cracks and crevices and filling holes.

If you are still having issues after completing these steps or would like further advice please give us a call.

In comparison to amateur products, the professional products we use are taken to the nest by foraging worker ants which ensure the elimination of the nest, eggs and queen. This helps ensure complete control of the colony.

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